Chakra Science

Chakra knowledge is a scientific validation of spiritual awakening

Seven centers of spiritual power in the human body are known as chakras – These spinning energy centers are metaphysical in their nature. They form a natural mystic ladder up which one must climb in order to achieve enlightenment. Chakras vitalize the physical body and influence the physical, emotional and mental movements of the mind and body. They are considered to be the loci of life-energy. The main function of the chakras is to draw in the universal life force energy by spinning around their own axes and hold it in their respective sphere to maintain and balance the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of the mind and body.

Benefits for participants

  • Understand the various models of chakras through Chinese medicine to Islamic Sufism.
  • Understand the driving force to run basic instinct into action.
  • Understand the human’s physical and spiritual association with chakras.
  • Understand human’s glands counterpart with chakras
  • Understand human internal source of power, emissions of energy, brainwaves and electromagnetic activity

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