Political decision-making in Pakistan is highly prejudiced and undemocratic. Unidentified features have a stranglehold on power and running economic affairs at virtually any cost. The best way to solve economical, and social problems is to involve the people in making decisions and delivering solutions who actually affected by these decisions. So we struggle for the transfer of power from central Government to the provincial and local bodies. We want due implementation of constitution that guarantees freedoms and rights, and ensures the wellbeing of people. We are striving for the citizen right to know for practicing transparency and hold the authorities accountable who are utilizing people’s money. We demand free judiciary, Police reforms and depoliticized mega projects in the sectors of health, education, energy and environmentand to take measure for mitigating poverty and collectiveconsciousness.

 Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is currently engaged in:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Crime and Corruption free Pakistan
  • Citizen access to Information
  • Transparency and accountability in state affairs
  • Justice and equality for citizens
  • Interfaith unity
  • Researching, advocating and implementing rightful laws.
  • To create awareness on social cohesion and resilience among communities for the mitigation of extremism and promotion of peace and sustainable economy.
  • To report and support concerned authorities in investigating the human rights violations.

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