Poverty Alleviation

Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is working for poverty reduction and long-term stability in Pakistan in various dimensions. Livelihood support projects of Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) promote economic empowerment with special focus on women. The objective is to make economically self-reliant, skilled and financially secured society.  Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) facilitates the needy and poor communities for uplifting their socioeconomic status by generating alternate livelihood support. Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is working in collaboration of various organizations in establishing vocational and skill centers, providing trainings on home gardening, livestock handling and domestic chicken raising with the provision of seeds, fertilizers, toolkits, Livestock (goats), Poultry Packages (hens) and Small Poultry Hatchery.

Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is currently engaged in:

  • To Facilitate in religious ceremonials (Ramzan, Eid, Christmas and Devali).
  • To support family and preserve cultural values through collective marriages.

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