Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is ready to play its part in educating out of school children through formal and informal education and sending them back to school according to their age bracket and to stop drop out of students. Students are our main focus to develop with good character through our character building education. Our training are meant to develop their potentials to be competent, caring and responsible and to spark the ambitions through young generation and to explore latent talent to lead the peer. Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is also establishing adult literacy centers to enable the learners to read newspaper write a letter in Urdu and perform every day calculations.

Rainbow of Peace & Ethics (ROPE) is currently engaged in:

  • To establish new primary Schools
  • To adopt Govt. Schools
  • To establish informal education centers for out of school Children
  • To establish learning centers for orphans and special children.
  • To Distribute of School Bags, uniforms and Gift Packs for deserving Children
  • To provide toilet and hand washing facilities in schools
  • To establish adult literacy centers for men and women
  • To establish Computer centers and English language centers
  • To establish libraries
  • To provide professional training to teachers
  • To provide character building and psychological support training for Parents, teachers and students.

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