Right to Health

Manu Beaconhut School and  Hari Camp Kotri schools Teachers and students playing volley ball it’s a regular Part of introducing active sports to all.

Games help kids to maintain good health and good behavior. ROPE consider sports and games must be given as much importance as academic studies in our schools. Sports have an educative value. Sports meant for the betterment of physical and mental health and also impact positively in character building. Habit for healthy competition, confidence, communication, and caring skills emerge the best with the sports. Sports prevent wasteful habits loss of time, destructive politics and vain amusements.

Sportsmen forget caste differences and religious differences and become friendly with one another. Sports and games can help children build up their self-esteem and improve their mental health. Most important benefit of the sport is obtaining a better health and enhanced immunity to fight diseases. ROPE places an utter importance on sporting facilities for all and especially for the students. ROPE believes in that the “Healthy mind lives in healthy body”. ROPE generates various opportunities for youth to engage in healthy sports activities. Drive for the development of personality, fitness and character building of youth are the core part of ROPE.

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