Provision of warm clothing

Winter is always welcomed by great pleasure with the buckets of nuts and lots of woolen and warm colorful clothing and stylish wearing only by privileged folk of the country but sadly, it brings a lot of sufferings to the poor people of our country. Many poor people in our country cannot afford to buy warm clothes for winter. We have really a blissful moment to bring a smile on the faces of students of Manu Beacon Hut & Merry Beacon Hut schools and their families.

This attempt might decrease their sufferings to an extent and make them happy, cared and shared. These schools are maintained by ROPE Educational Society in the Kotri Under privileged area of Hari Camp. Distribution of Warm Jackets, Clothing, Rationing and other commodities performed during a periodic visit. May Almighty Allah grant his nearness to all participated in this noble cause.

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