Reiki is not religious but an inspiration and a learn-able art
The main ‘Reiki myths’ that need to be dispelled are also the ones that make it hard for Reiki to be taken seriously as a healing therapy. There are several myths established as part of Reiki tradition and when they become part of our Reiki teaching practice they can achieve almost legendary status gaining credibility by means of association.
A story told in such a way that the listener accepts it as a matter of fact, and as we all know repeat something often enough and people will begin to accept it as if it were true, even a lie told often enough can assume the appearance of fact. Social myths can be amusing but those associated with Reiki if allowed to go unchecked have the potential to create fear and confusion, damage credibility and even dissuade people from experiencing its life enhancing effects, yet myths are nothing new, throughout history myths and mankind have always walked hand in hand. There was truth in the origins, but this has been lost in the interpretation through a lack of understanding and awareness.
If you are wounded and no one comes to heal you, you are fated to die. But if you are wounded and you are treated, you are fated to live. There’s nothing mysterious that says that because of fate, you are going to die no matter what. According to the Law of Order, if you treat the wound, you live.
Mohammad Furqan Haider explains the true code of Reiki and unfold the dogma imposed as incontrovertibly true at Reiki conscious meet up.
All Reiki conscious individuals are welcome to share knowledge and practices. This monthly opportunity facilitates to unfold energy perspective and to transform our existence into well being.

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